Freedom to fail

Why failure is important?

Now this seems to be counter-intuitive. Everyone is looking for success. They want


What people don’t realize is success is a process, is not a one-off battle. Throughout the process of a big success, there are minor success or failure. You may experience failure more than success, and you may get frustrated about that. But think about that, comparing success and failure, which one can give you more value.

Now imagine you have just experienced in success, what will you do? For normal people, what they will do is to have celebration, they relax and enjoy their success. They believe they have achieved their goal and they are enjoying the happiness that success bring to them. Seldom of them will reflect and understand what they have actually do and what cause their success. Without this analysis, there is not much value coming from this success experience.

On the other hand, if you imagine yourself just experience a failure, what will you do? you will probably get hurt at the first moment. However, after that, you will probably not doing the same thing again because there is a lesson learnt. For example, if you have eaten something that is too spicy.

You see, our brain is working in a way to favor this behavior. When you fail, get hurt, you will feel sad or pain. And your brain will associate this to a bad experience and you will naturally avoid that. The only problem here is majority of people out there do not use this behavior to their advantage. People will simply avoid failure by not trying. But if you understand what I have just said, you can leverage this brain response and try again with a different approach. What we need to learn here is not about not to try, but is to try again with a different approach.

One example here is if

A Chinese story Tso 

So Tso is a very famous Chinese general, politician and his story is popular in China because of his brilliant mind. He is not well respected to be a kind man, but he is widely considered to be a great general. According to story teller, there is a time that Tso was defeated by his enermy. At that time, he was losing a big battle despite his large army. TThe