What are the pros and cons of book reading and e-book reading?

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I used to read paper book but recently I have switched to read ebook.

Reading paper book:


  • Good for your eye
  • You can remember the content of the book visually
  • You enjoy the nice print


  • Is usually a bit more expensive
  • You need to wait for the delivery
  • You can’t search content
  • You need a big bookshelf



  • It is handy
  • Use Kindle reader, you can buy and read any books anywhere, anytime
  • Use Kindle app in iPad, you can even read at night (maybe bad for your eye)


  • You can not enjoy flipping the pages, 🙂

I think what important is not whether it is a paper book or an ebook. They are just the medium for storing the knowledge. Building up a habit and start reading is more important.

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