My YouTube account get suspended, and here’s why

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So you may know that I have a youtube Project, it is called Vocab Today. This is an experimental project and the goal is to pronounce every word in the world. At the very beginning of the project, as a lot of YouTubers have suggested, I try to build connection with other YouTubers. One very good way that is suggested to do it is by commenting on other people YouTube videos.

At the very beginning, of course, I play by the rules. I subscribed to other people channels, and I watch the videos and then I comment on their videos. That has been great for a while, but this whole process is too time-consuming. I just cannot do it forever. Therefore I’m trying to think about a program to help. I spent some time to study the YouTube API, And I found a way to get their videos and have my script automatically comment on their videos. I even tracked all the videos that I have commented in the database to avoid commenting on the same youtubers’ videos too frequently. I am totally aware of the risk, and I do not want to spam the innocent.

However, even with the above measures done, my YouTube account still got suspended. I’m not sure the suspension investigation is triggered by YouTube themselves or it’s because of someone complaining about my comment. When I received the following email one day, I was so shocked.

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 10.56.04 PM.png

I have spent so much time on working on this for Vocab Today project, I definitely don’t want to see my account got suspended just because I want to gain more traffic. I did for immediately send an email to YouTube to appeal the suspension. Fortunately, after a fairly short period of time, I got a reply from YouTube. And my channel got unsuspended. My guess was right, the whole suspension was due to my scripts leaving comments to other channels.

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 11.00.06 PM.png

So I think there after, I can only play by the rules. I’m sharing these to aspiring Youtubers, so that people are not wasting the time on this. Youtube clearly has advanced monitoring on users’ activity. To me, I am fine because this as a whole is just an experiement. Glad to  learn something new, 🙂

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