JACK CHAN 陳羲文(超揚)

PhD(c), MBA, B.Eng, PMP, PSM I

Vice President at Huatai International
Founder of Stake Pooler
Founder of Jack Visuals
Strategic investor of LBSM Music

Hi, it’s Jack here. By day, I’m a project manager in an investment bank. By night, I work as an author, designer and educator. I am the author of the book 📙 Python API Development Fundamentals. I have multiple side projects going on that you may find interesting. I love learning and sharing. I explore how to get the most out of life.

If you want to send me a personal message, you can find me on Instagram & Facebook.
For collaborations, business inquiries & interviews, you can reach me at [email protected]

More about Jack

👨🏻‍💻 As a financial professional

Jack is a project manager, business analyst and development manager with 15+ years of global investment banking experience, with strong technical IT background, broad-based experience and skill set in web and application design and development, business analysis, project management in financial industry.


🎵 As the CEO of a Musical Instruments and Education Centre

Other than his professional career in global investment banks, Jack also runs the LBSM company based in Hong Kong. He directs overall operations of a piano store selling used pianos imported from Japan or reconditioned locally along with providing music courses to students. Perform various office duties such as organising and hosting regular meetings, developing strategies, marketing, and providing technical expertise that will drive company towards the achievement of corporate goals and objectives.

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📸 As a Photographer and Designer

Because of his interest in arts and photography, Jack has founded Jack Visuals in 2014. He has done various photography projects, capturing great moments for couples, shooting professional corporate headshots, creating product pictures with commercial value. His clients include international brand like Jimmy Choo, Fresenius Medical Care, DBS etc.

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Feature clients

The Vocab Today Project

This channel aims to provide you the best learning resources for language. We are creating videos that pronounce all interesting english words in the word in American accent. These videos also contain useful definitions and examples of use of the words for your reference. These are all great learning materials for you to master english and speak like a native speaker. Subscribe to this channel and play all the videos available on the channel. You can learn these vocabulary subconsciously!

Join my online courses

Below are my online courses. For my students or those who are interested to learn more, please check out the Python Learning Resources


Python Full Stack Web Development with Google Cloud Service


Learn Python in a day with 6 Projects


Learning Python Flask & SQL Alchemy ORM


Build a chatbot for your business in 3 hours

My homestay

I have a clean and stylish apartment for rent in airbnb. It is located in the heart of Shenzhen, very close to Hong Kong! This is going to be perfect to visit two of the world most vibrant cities in one go!

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The Python API development fundamentals

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Book Description
Python is a flexible language that can be used for much more than just script development. By knowing how Python RESTful APIs work, you can build a powerful backend for web applications and mobile applications using Python.

You’ll take your first steps by building a simple API and learning how the frontend web interface can communicate with the backend. You’ll also learn how to serialize and deserialize objects using the marshmallow library. Then, you’ll learn how to authenticate and authorize users using Flask-JWT. You’ll also learn how to enhance your APIs by adding useful features, such as email, image upload, searching, and pagination. You’ll wrap up the whole book by deploying your APIs to the cloud.

By the end of this book, you’ll have the confidence and skill to leverage the power of RESTful APIs and Python to build efficient web applications.

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