Demo sites of my courses

I have setup the demo sites for you to see the final applications that you are going to build, please take a look below
Python API Development Fundamentals - Smile Cook
Learning Python Flask & SQL Alchemy ORM - Lucky Draw
Python Full Stack Web Development with Google Cloud Service - Party Go

Best Python Books That I Strongly Recommend

Reading books are very important to develop your skills. Most often, books are carefully and thoughtfully curated and provide the best verified information to you. In addition to other learning medium, I recommend buying a few good books for your learning reference.
Python API Development Fundamentals - My book teaching Python API development in details
Essential SQLAlchemy: Mapping Python to Databases - Good reference if you want to learn more about SQLAlchemy

Python development tools

PyCharm - The #1 must have tool for Python development.
CodeAnywhere - A great cloud IDE with web server provided. Free plan is available.

Git repositories

Please go to my git repositories page for all necessary source codes needed in your learning journey with me! (to be migrated to GitHub)

Building amazing websites

Bluehost - One of the best web hosting companies I trust. They have various plans depending on your need. Fast, stable and great customer support! You will need it for some of my courses.

Project reference

Vocab Today - The project that we built in Python, aiming to pronounce all the words in the world. All the videos you find in the youtube channel were automatically generated by our python program.

Best backup solution

I can't stress the importance of backup your "DIGITAL ASSETS". All your files, creations are your assets. Keep them safe by using this cloud backup solution Backblaze!

Video recording and editing

Rode NT USB - I have tried different mics for my courses and videos. This mic give me the best sound quality. Once I have used this mic, I can't go back.
Camtasia - A software that I recommend and use to edit the videos for my online courses