Why a prime lens is your best companion

Why a prime lens is your best companion

Sep 5, 2014
For photographers like us, we often has a complaint that our lens are too heavy. That’s why sometimes, especially during travel, we go for minimalism. For me, I usually just bring one prime lens with me, which is the Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Lens. I find myself enjoy shooting more with minimal gears.
Though prime lens is not as convenient as a zoom lens in a sense that it doesn’t allow you to zoom, I can think of a few reasons why a prime lens is still essential

It is simple and elegant

The number one reason I prefer a prime lens is because it is simple. You may say it is more a personal reason but I sincerely think that a simple design is always the best design. And from a photographer’s perspective, you just don’t have to think about zooming in and out during your shot. So you have one less thing to worry. And there are often people saying shooting under limiting gear is the best way to improve your photography skill.

It is razor sharp

Because of its simplicity, a prime lens always produce the best quality of image. I am always shooting with my 55mm prime lens and the result is razor sharp. I really don’t see any similar image quality being produced by the zoom lens

It is fast

By fast, I mean it has a big aperture, making it very suitable for low light shooting and portrait. Attached are two pictures I took in Thailand using my 55mm prime lens. Notice the amount of details it captured even in this low light scenario.
So what are you still waiting for? Grab a prime lens and start shooting!
notion image
notion image